Whale Shark Diaries

Whale Shark Diaries

Dedicated to protecting the Earth's largest fish through collaborative research, conservation & education facilitated by responsible ecotourism in La Paz, Mexico.
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Collaborative and independent research to better under the species. Research interests include but are not limited to abundance and migrations of whale sharks in our dynamic region and better management and protection for the species globally.

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The scientific study of nature and the conservation of biodiversity with the aim of protecting species, habitats and ecosystems from anthropogenic activities.

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Working with schools, colleges, orphanages, locals and tourists to raise awareness about the whale sharks and other marine creatures that share their habitat.

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There are many ways you can support us from adopting a whale shark or buying a t-shirt to joining us on one of our informative whale shark trips or enrolling in our internship program.

Responsible and fun whale shark trips in La Paz, Mexico that support the conservation of this endangered species.

About Us

Our motivations and project goals
Whale Shark Diaries is focused on helping to gain a better understanding of the endangered whale shark.

We exist to contribute to collaborative research, conservation and educational activities to increase the level of awareness and protection for this socially and economically important species.

Whale Shark Diaries works in collaboration with Wildbook for Whale Sharks, a Wild Me Project engineered by Jason Holmberg which is a global photo-identification library and visual database of whale shark encounters and of individually catalogued whale sharks. The library is maintained and used by marine biologists and citizen scientists to collect and analyze whale shark sighting data to learn more about these amazing creatures.

We work with schools, colleges and orphanages to help raise awareness with the younger community of La Paz and involve them in our conservation efforts.

We host trips for environmentally conscious individuals and groups to join us for informative trips to learn about the biology, life-history and conservation status of these gentle giants.


Jay Gittens

Project Director
Marine biologist specialising in whale sharks. Jay is primarily interested in supporting ongoing studies to better understand the migratory pathways of the regions whale sharks by helping to identify important areas for this highly migratory species. Co-founder of MarineScape Conservation in 2012.

Natalie Lynn Lichtenbert

Conservation Officer
Zoologist and Wildlife Correspondent, Natalie Lynn has been involved in numerous projects including plastic bans, bird population monitoring and working as a Climate Reality Leader. Whale sharks have captured her heart in their gentleness and size. Preserving their populations and learning more about them is of utmost importance.

Michael Bear

Community Outreach Coordinator
Citizen Science Project Director for Ocean Sanctuaries, a San Diego based non-profit organization devoted to creating and supporting marine citizen science projects. Michael is working with us to develop and maintain our citizen science program which will train non-scientists on data collection techniques.

Bethan Ward

Conservation Intern 2017
Studied Marine Biology/ Zoology at The School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor University, Wales, United Kingdom. Bethan is interested in a whole range of species, however is using this time to gain new and great experiences to guide her career and future in wildlife conservation.

Jessica Emily Sherlock

Conservation Intern 2017
Studied BSc Marine Vertebrate Zoology at The School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor University, North Wales, UK. Jessica is interest in all shark species, particularly whale sharks, and is using this internship to gain a greater understanding of practical research and conservation in the hope of progressing her career.

Maria Abbotto

Conservation Intern 2017
Studied BSc Animal Behaviour at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambrdige, UK. Maria is interested in different types of species, both terrestrial and marine, with a particular concern for their behaviour. She is using this internship to gain experience and a deeper knowledge regarding the conservation and behaviour of whale sharks.

TJ Mapes

Conservation Intern 2017
Aspiring citizen scientist and conservationist eternally interested and inspired by the ocean. TJ is a business owner from Chicago and enjoys volunteering to clean up the local beaches on Lake Michigan. He took this internship to gain a deeper knowledge and respect for whale sharks.

Juan Arévalo Villeda

Conservation Intern 2017
A Berlitz Language Instructor from Mexico City who also loves sharks, crocodiles, and fishes. He took this internship to learn more about whale shark behaviour and conservation in the Mexican Pacific area, and compare it to the experiences he has had freediving with whale sharks in the Mexican Caribbean.

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