Bottlenose dolphin encounter whilst out monitoring the whale sharks of La Paz Bay

I have an amazing bottlenose dolphin encounter to share with you. This video is just 18 seconds long. First please read, the video link is at the foot of the post.

ws-from-boat-2000pxI followed a very small (approx. 2 metre), shy juvenile whale shark into the shallows before losing sight of it. Suddenly I could hear the clicks and calls of dolphins very closeby. Then this happened!

First I thought it was aggression or a warning but after establishing eye contact with the animal,  it appeared to be playing. It swam close a few times before and after, clicking and squeaking at me, establishing and maintaining eye contact on each pass. So amazing.

IMPORTANT: I don’t encourage attempting to swim with the dolphins in La Paz bay. If it happens accidently then that’s lucky for you. The reason is that if the tour boats and clients see you interacting with dolphins then they will all start speeding to the scene, forgetting about the vulnerable whale sharks on the surface. This encounter just happened and luckily there were no other boats in sight 🙂

*Video link

Article by Jay Gittens – Whale Shark Diaries Project Director

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